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Gender: Male
Female (possibly)
Death: October 31, 2018
First Appearance: Halloween Kills

The Firefighters being ready to attack Michael

The Firefighters' corpses

Another look of The Firefighters' corpses

A third look of The Firefighters' corpses

In his escape from Laurie Strode's house after being trapped in a fire, Michael Myers murders the first responding firefighters arriving to tackle the blaze. He kills the team entering the house to search for survivors, which consists of Samsung and six others, before confronting the firefighters outside. He uses their own tools against them, bludgeoning and impaling them with a Halligan's bar then using a circular saw to kill one. Their corpses were discovered by Sheriff Barker and the rest of the police force, along with Officer Francis' and Officer Richards' corpses. Tommy Doyle later tells Lonnie Elam that eleven first responders were killed at the house.