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The film Halloween (2018) ignores all events that happen in the multiple sequels and reboots that came before it, including Halloween II (1981), thus creating this timeline that only branches out from Halloween (1978).

Primary protagonists

Primary antagonists



  • Laurie stays in Haddonfield.
  • Laurie has a daughter named Karen and a granddaughter named Allyson.
  • Samuel Loomis dies in the 1990s.
  • Michael is captured shortly after the 1978 murders.
  • Michael is kept in Smith's Grove Sanitarium for forty years.
  • Michael escapes a transport bus and leaves the scene in a man and his son's truck.
  • Michael kills the man and his son.
  • Two podcasters talk to Laurie, then head to a gas station.
  • Michael kills everyone at the station, including the podcasters.
  • Michael steals his old mask, a mechanic's uniform, and the podcasters' car.
  • Dr. Sartain goes after Michael.
  • Laurie hunts Michael.
  • Michael arrives to his old neighborhood to pick up where he left off 40 years prior.
  • Michael goes on a rapid door-to-door killing spree, his own twisted version of trick-or-treating.
  • Laurie attempts to shoot him in the head through a window, but hits a mirror instead.
  • Michael kills Allyson's friends after a school dance, then goes after Allyson.
  • Allyson makes it to Laurie's house.
  • Michael kills Allyson's father, enters Laurie's house.
  • Laurie, Allyson, and Karen fight Michael, the house is revealed to be a trap.
  • Karen and Laurie trick Michael into the basement bunker.
  • Laurie seals the basement, burns the house down with Michael in it.
  • The women escape in the back of a passing truck.
  • Firetrucks pass them on the road, on the way to put out the house.
  • Laurie panics, screaming "LET IT BURN."
  • Michael escapes with help from a firefighter, kills the remaining firefighters with their own equipment.
  • Laurie learns Michael lived, forms a plan to hunt Michael down with her family and friends.
  • Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace visit Laurie at the hospital.
  • The entire town joins in on Laurie's hunt, goes after Michael.
  • The mob gets their hands on Michael's partially melted mask.
  • Karen attempts to get Michael to leave his family house by holding his mask up to him at his porch.