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This timeline includes the first, second, fourth, fifth and sixth installments of Halloween.

Timeline of events



Monday, November 10: Judith Myers is born.



Saturday, October 19: Michael M. Myers is born.



Unknown Date: Laurie Strode is born as Cynthia Myers.


Thursday, October 31: Michael is possessed by Thorn, and murders his older sister Judith.


Unknown Date: Mr. Myers and his wife, Audrey Myers, die.



Halloween and Halloween II

Tuesday, October 31: Michael returns home to kill his younger sister Laurie. However, he's defeated in a hospital explosion caused by his former doctor, Samuel Loomis.

Wednesday, November 1: The firefighters clear the debris and flames. Laurie Strode is taken away in an ambulance. Michael Myers is found in a dormant state, and taken away to a high-security facility called Ridgemont.



Unknown Date: Jamie Lloyd is born.


November: Laurie Strode is apparently killed in a car accident.


Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Sunday, October 30: Michael Myers awakens and escapes during his transfer from Ridgemont.

Monday, October 31: Michael lays siege on Haddonfield as he kills the power to the entire town and murders several people protecting his new target, Jamie Lloyd. He attempts to kill his niece, but is shot down by the Illinois State Police. However, Michael escapes down a mineshaft. He finds an older mask inside and replaces the one he was using before escaping down a small river. Michael makes his way to a small shack where he tries to strangle the hermit living inside. He returns to his dormant state before he can finish the kill.


Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Monday, October 30: Michael awakens from his dormant state and kills the hermit, who had been taking care of him for the past year.

Tuesday, October 31: Michael returns to Haddonfield for his second attempt on his niece's life. However, Dr. Loomis leads him back to his childhood home and captures him. Terence Wynn breaks him out shortly afterwards. Jamie Lloyd is taken as well.



Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Monday, October 30: Jamie gives birth to her son. She escapes from the hold of the Cult of Thorn as Michael pursues her. Eventually, Michael catches up to Jamie and kills her. However, she had already hidden her son. Meanwhile, Dr. Loomis returns once again to stop the infamous killer.

Tuesday, October 31: Tommy Doyle finds Jamie's baby. Michael arrives in Haddonfield, and kills the inhabitants of his newly rebuilt childhood home. Meanwhile, Dr. Loomis meets with Tommy Doyle. However, the baby is taken by the Cult of Thorn. Loomis and Doyle go to Smith's Grove Sanitarium to save the baby, and the last surviving inhabitants of the Myers home, Kara and Danny Strode. Part of the Cult betrays Michael by attempting an experiment to harness his evil. This leads Michael to murder them brutally as Tommy escapes with the baby and the others. However, Michael quickly pursues and traps them in a secluded room. Tommy tricks Michael and injects him with acid before beating him down with a pipe. Afterwards, they escape from Smith's Grove. Meanwhile, Michael's mask is left on the ground as Loomis' screams are heard in the distance.

Notable individuals





  • Michael Myers is afflicted with the Curse of Thorn.
  • Laurie Strode has a daughter named Jamie Lloyd.
  • Michael is in a coma for ten years and wakes up after he hears about Jamie Lloyd.
  • Laurie fakes her death in a car accident with Mr. Lloyd.