Name: A. Michael Lerner
Known aliases: A. Michael Lerner
Gender: Male
First Appearance: Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

A. Michael Lerner is an American stuntman who worked on the stunts of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, along with George P. Wilbur.

Halloween 6Edit

When chasing Tommy, Kara, Danny and baby Steven down the hallway, Michael was played by A. Michael Lerner. The Smith's Grove doctor running from Michael was in fact A. Michael Lerner's real life father. He also played a few other various scenes across the movie. The mask he wore was a larger version of the one that Wilbur had worn. He was chosen because one of the producers thought that Wilbur was too bulky and they wanted someone that was more slim, and the other reason he was brought in was to keep the filming of the alternate ending a secret.