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Name: Abigail Crawford
Known aliases: Abby
Gender: Female
Location: Russelville, Illinois
Birth: 1981
First Appearance: Halloween: Nightdance

Abigail 'Abby' Crawford (born 1981) was a character in the comic series Halloween: Nightdance.


Abigail Crawford was born in 1981 and lived in Russelville, Illinois. She had a boyfriend named Benjamin McNaughton. On October 30, 2000, Abby and Ben went to the remote former home of Charlie Bowles to check it out and find out if it would be a good place to have a Halloween party. Abby suggested that they go inside to check out the interior of the house and once inside Abby found it disgusting. The two decided to have a quick kiss but Abby soon realized that they were not alone a man in a white mask appeared and knocked Abby out.

When she came to, Abby felt sick and realized that her neck was tied by rope, her wrist had been sliced open and broken glass was all over the floor. The glass and various pieces of wood had the name "Judith" scrawled on them. As she tried to free herself, she heard Ben screaming for his attacker to get off of him and then silence. Abby managed to free herself and at first thought that Ben had escaped but also knew that he just would not leave her to die. As she crawled around the house, she saw Michael Myers sitting in a chair and in front of the fireplace and in the fireplace was Ben's corpse. Abby knew she had to escape quietly but once she turned around and saw that Michael was gone, she made a run for the front door. Abby finally got to the road but as soon as she got there, she was run over by Ryan Nichols. Although she was alive, Abby was still injured and Ryan took her to Russellville Infirmary.

Abby eventually awoke in a fright. Once she was calm, Russellville sheriff Matthew Cooper questioned her about what she had seen. She told him that a man had attacked her and Ben, killed Ben, had numerous masks, injured her and had a girl's name written in wood and glass. Cooper asked her where this all happened and she told him it was at the old Bowles home and watched as they quickly left her hospital room. For days, Abby was said to be stuck in a state of confusion and shock.

In 2003, Brian Richards discovered that Abby still lived in Russellville.