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Angus Taylor.jpg
Name: Angus Taylor
Known aliases: Graveyard Keeper
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Portrayed By: Arthur Malet
First Appearance: Halloween
"Why do they do it? Goddamn kids. They'll do anything for Halloween."
―Angus Taylor[src]

Angus Taylor, the graveyard keeper of Mt. Sinclair Cemetery, first appeared in the original Halloween.


Angus Taylor was the graveyard keeper of Mt. Sinclair Cemetery. He was visited by Doctor Samuel Loomis on Halloween 1978, asking to see Judith Myers' grave. As they made their way towards it, Taylor talked about the murders of Charlie Bowles that took place in Russellville, Illinois. Once they arrived at the plot of Judith's tombstone, they discovered that it had been stolen.[1]

In May, 1963, shortly before murdering his wife and daughters, Charlie Bowles had a vision of the meeting between Loomis and Taylor, finding particular significance in Taylor's mentioning of Judith's plot number: row 18, plot 20.[2]

In the 1979 novel based on the original film, Taylor tells Dr. Loomis that, at the time of Judith's murder, he could not believe a young boy could have committed such a crime. He also mentions that Judith was a very pretty girl, adding, "All she had to do was bat her eyes at you and you would melt."


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