"Don't do it. That's the house where it all started. He walked its hallways. Hid in its closets. Dreamed in its bedrooms. Helped his mother in the kitchen. Watched TV in the living room with his dad. Played in his sister's bedroom. Then one day he picked up a knife and he never put it down again."
―Aron to Sara Moyer.[src]
Name: Aron
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Portrayed By: Haig Sutherland
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection

Aron appears in Halloween: Resurrection, played by Haig Sutherland.

Biography Edit

Aron was a Haddonfield University student who seemed to be a bit off, was somewhat of a pervert and knew the story behind the Myers house. He heard that Sara Moyer and Jennifer Danzig were selected to be part of Dangertainment's Internet reality show and came to their dorm room. He told them the story about Michael Myers, which made Sara feel uneasy, but Jen quickly got him out of the room and told Sara that he was just trying to scare them.[1]

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Resident Haddonfield University creep-oid Aron tries to frighten Sara Moyer and Jen Danzig with his sordid recap of Michael Myers’s history as a maniacal mass murderer.


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