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Audrey Myers.jpg
Name: Audrey Myers
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known relatives: Mr. Myers (husband; deceased)
Judith Myers (daughter; deceased)
Michael Myers (son)
Laurie Strode (daughter; deceased)
Jamie Lloyd (granddaughter; deceased)
Steven Lloyd (great-grandson)
Murphey Myers (Ancestor)
Death: 1965 [1]
First appearance: Halloween

Audrey Myers was a minor character in the original Halloween and made an appearance in the Chaos! Comics Halloween series.


Audrey Myers was the wife of Mr. Myers and the mother of Michael Myers, Judith Myers and Laurie Strode. When Audrey gave birth to Michael, she was in labor for three days and on October 31, 1957, she finally gave birth to a stillborn Michael, who was officially pronounced alive at 12:06 am on November 1.[2] On the night of October 31, 1963 Audrey and her husband went out that night and left their two younger children in Mrs. Blankenship's care. Once they returned home, they found Michael standing outside with a bloody knife and his clown mask on. Mr. Myers took off the mask and wondered what had happened. They soon discovered that Judith was dead and Michael was the murderer. The Myers had Michael sent to Smith's Grove Sanitarium.[3] Audrey would often call Michael's doctor, Sam Loomis, to checkup on her son's progress but it was always the same news.[4] Audrey and her husband eventually died in 1965.[1]

Notes and trivia

  • Despite having the name of Edith in the novelization of Halloween, for some unknown reason, Edith's name was changed to Audrey in the Chaos! Comics.
  • "Audrey" also happens to be Michael's middle name in the H20 and 2018 Timelines.


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