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Name: Barry Simms
Gender: Male
Death: October 31, 1995
Portrayed By: Leo Geter
First Appearance: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Barry Simms is a character in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, played by Leo Geter.


How Michael "talked back" to Barry.

Barry Simms was a "shock jock" radio personality who hosted the show Back Talk with Barry Simms. Barry often mocked his callers and was very rude in person. It was his radio show that Jamie Lloyd called in, looking for help from Sam Loomis. Tommy Doyle also called into the show, giving Barry some insight into his run-in with Michael in 1978.

On October 31, 1995, he was sent to Haddonfield, Illinois to discuss with some of the citizens on how Halloween had affected their town and how some college students planned to bring the festivity back after it was banned following the back-to-back murders that occurred in the Halloween nights of 1988 and 1989.

During the interview with Beth and Tim Strode, Beth revealed that Tim's family lived in the Myers house. So Barry thought it would be great for ratings if they took the show to the Myers home. He was getting ready to leave in his van towards the house, when Michael Myers appeared behind him and stabbed him in the chest. He then placed Barry's still-bleeding body in a tree.


  • The role of Barry Simms was originally made for media personality Howard Stern, but he declined.