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Bella Challis.jpg
Name: Bella Challis
Gender: Female
Known relatives: Daniel Challis (father)
Linda Challis (mother)
Willie Challis (brother)
Birth: 1973
Death: October 31, 1982 (unconfirmed)
Portrayed by: Michelle Walker
First appearance: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Bella Challis is a character who appears in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, played by Michelle Walker.


Bella Challis is the young daughter of Daniel Challis and his ex-wife, Linda Challis. On October 23, 1982, Daniel brought them masks for Halloween, but their mother had already gotten them some. Bella and her little brother Willie showed off their Silver Shamrock masks and turned on the television hoping to catch the commercial which announced there was going to be a giveaway on Halloween to all the kids who had the masks. One week later, the two children sat and waited for the announcement. It is likely that both Bella and her brother died, as it was discovered that whoever was wearing the masks would perish if they watched the special transmission.