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Name: Ben Tramer
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Birth: 1990's
"Dude! She's fucking hot!"
―Ben Tramer about Laurie Strode, as quoted by Annie Brackett[src]

Ben Tramer is a character that was mentioned in the Halloween remake of 2007, in turn based on the original's Bennett Tramer.


Ben Tramer is a Haddonfield High School student who was a friend of Paul and his girlfriend, Annie Brackett. Based on Annie's comments about him, Ben was not one of the brightest students, but was at least good enough to date her friend, Laurie Strode. Around Halloween 2007, Annie had Paul ask Ben what he thought about Laurie Strode. Ben told him that Laurie was attractive and that he was interested.[1]


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