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Beth is a character in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, played by Mariah O'Brien.


Beth was a very outspoken Haddonfield University student who was the girlfriend of Tim Strode. She felt that Michael Myers had been gone long enough and that Haddonfield needed to move on and celebrate Halloween again. She lived across the street from the Strodes in Mrs. Blankenship's boarding house, as did Tommy Doyle, although she did not interact much with either him or Mrs. Blankenship.[2]

On October 31, 1995, she came over to the Strode home and picked up Tim and his sister, Kara. She was worried about Kara after she learned that Kara was hit by her father and later when she saw Danny's drawings of the Strode family murdered.[2]

After school, Beth and Tim changed into their Halloween costumes and got ready for their evening. At the Halloween fair, they met Barry Simms who got them on stage to tell how they got Halloween back into Haddonfield. Beth told him and the audience that it was time they moved on and used Tim's family as proof of this, telling the audience that Tim's family lived in the former home of Michael Myers. Barry, seeing this as a way to boost ratings for his show, decided to take his show to Tim's house.[2]

Beth and Tim got there before anyone else did and wondered if he was going to even show up. Tim then asked Beth if what she said about him living in the old Myers place was true and she told him the story of Judith Myers' murder. Tim asked her to stop and they decided to have sex in Kara's room.[2]

Beth talks to Kara

After they were done, Tim went to take a shower while Beth waited for him. While he was getting murdered, Kara called Beth on the phone and told her that she was across the street and that she could see her. She told Beth to get Tim and to get out of the house; angry and confused on what Kara was talking about, she failed to notice Michael Myers standing behind her.[2]

Michael stabs Beth

Kara tried to warn her but she was too late to save Beth as she was stabbed in the back multiple times with a kitchen knife.[2]

Notes and trivia

  • Denise Richards auditioned for the role of Beth and Daniel Farrands and Malek Akkad thought she was good, but the studio passed on her due to her being "all boobs."