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Betty Kupfer.jpg
Name: Betty Kupfer
Gender: Female
Location: San Diego, California
Known relatives: Buddy Kupfer (husband; deceased)
Buddy Kupfer Jr. (son; deceased)
Death: October 31, 1982
Portrayed by: Jadeen Barbor
First appearance: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Betty Kupfer is a character who appears in Halloween III: Season of the Witch.


Betty Kupfer was the wife of Buddy Kupfer and the mother of Buddy Kupfer Jr. They lived in San Diego, California. Betty's husband owned a store and had managed to sell more Silver Shamrock masks than anyone else in the country, and he was invited by Conal Cochran to tour his factory. Betty hoped that, since Cochran became successful selling gags and masks, her family would become just as affluent.

On October 29, 1982, Betty and her family traveled to Santa Mira, California and stopped to stay at the Rose of Shannon motel. As soon as the family arrived, Buddy almost hit Daniel Challis with Little Buddy's bike, which Betty yelled at her husband for, as well as at her son as she tried to warn him to not ride on the street.

The next day, Betty and her family went to the Silver Shamrock Factory, where they ran into Daniel and Ellie Grimbridge. Buddy invited them to join along on the tour.

On Halloween, the family was asked for their opinion on television commercials. They were led into a room which Betty found creepy, and wanted to leave. Buddy was curious as to why he was not allowed to place an order for more masks for the next year, and Betty joked that they had decided not to celebrate Halloween the following year. Moments later, the Silver Shamrock commercial came on the room's television. The commercial called for all kids to put their masks on, which Little Buddy did. Betty thought of all this as a big joke and started to laugh, but then began to panic when Little Buddy fell to the floor. Bugs and snakes started to come out of his head, which caused her to have a heart attack. She was already dead by the time one of the snakes went into her ear. Buddy Sr., meanwhile, had been swarmed by the snakes.