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Name: Bill Woodlake
Known aliases: William Josh Woodlake
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Parents, younger sister, grandmother
Birth: Mid 1980s
Death: October 31, 2002
Portrayed By: Thomas Ian Nicholas
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection
"One flash and you could light up a thousand computer screens."
―Bill Woodlake to Jennifer Danzig.[src]

William Josh "Bill" Woodlake appears in Halloween: Resurrection, played by Thomas Ian Nicholas.


Michael kills Bill

Bill's corpse

Bill Woodlake was a Haddonfield University student who believed Michael Myers was a legendary figure. He was very horny and also attracted to Jennifer Danzig. When he and the others entered the Myers house, he picked on Jen the most as he could tell she was the most scared to be inside the house. They both went into Judith's room, where Bill told Jen that if she flashed herself, she could launch her career. At first, she acted like she would take his advice, but stopped after showing her bra. While he looked in the closet, Jen sneaked away into another room and screamed as if she was in trouble. Bill, Sara and Rudy went looking for her. Sara found her, and Jen revealed it was just a joke. Bill was upset at this and went into the bathroom, telling himself that he would get back at her. Suddenly, Michael Myers broke though the mirror and attacked him, and Bill screamed for help. He tried to escape, but missed his chance when Michael quickly stabbed him on the top of his head. Myers then hid Bill in the attic where he died painfully. He was later discovered dead and hung upside-down by Jen, causing her to scream in horror.


  • (To himself, before his death): I'm gonna get her back for that. Watch me.