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Name: Cameron Elam
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Lonnie Elam (father)
Wames Elam (uncle)
Birth: Early 2000s
Portrayed By: Dylan Arnold
First Appearance: Halloween
"You gonna get that, or you want me to get it?"
―Cameron Elam[src]

Cameron Elam is a character in Halloween (2018), played by Dylan Arnold.


Cameron is the boyfriend of Allyson Nelson and best friend of Oscar. His father is Lonnie Elam, who was Tommy Doyle's bully in the first Halloween.

He accompanies Allyson to a family dinner on October 30, 2018. He goes to a party with Allyson and Oscar on Halloween night, getting drunk and cheating on Allyson by kissing Kim. He throws her phone into a bowl of pudding after an argument.

In a deleted scene, Cameron apologizes to Allyson about kissing another girl and drinking too much gin. He also apologizes for breaking her phone and tries to make up for it by either advising her to put it in a bag of rice, offering to repair it or to buy her a new one. Atfer that, the policemen show up and tell them both to leave. He starts to insult the officers, only to be arrested by them, but this unwittingly saves him from becoming one of the victims of Michael Myers.