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Name: Cameron Elam
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Lonnie Elam (father; deceased)
Wames Elam (uncle)
Birth: Early 2000s
Death: November 1st, 2018
Portrayed By: Dylan Arnold
First Appearance: Halloween
"You gonna get that, or you want me to get it?"
―Cameron Elam[src]

Cameron Elam is a character in Halloween (2018), played by Dylan Arnold.


Cameron is the boyfriend of Allyson Nelson and best friend of Oscar. His father is Lonnie Elam, who was Tommy Doyle's bully in the first Halloween.

In Halloween (2018), his first appearance is when he talks to Allyson at her locker. He later accompanies Allyson to a family dinner on October 30, 2018, where he meets her parents and grandmother for the first time. He goes to a party with Allyson and Oscar on Halloween night, getting drunk and cheating on Allyson by kissing Kim. He throws her phone into a bowl of pudding after an argument.

In Halloween Kills (2021), Cameron is walking home from the party, attempting to call Oscar Berlucchi, when he sees the near-dead Frank Hawkins laying on the side of the street, possibly only seconds after Ranbir Sartain had attacked Hawkins and driven off. He ends up saving Hawkins' life by getting him help, who is then rushed to the hospital. Cameron reunites with Allyson and Karen at the hospital and joins Tommy Doyle's mob hunting down Michael Myers. Along with Allyson and his father Lonnie, he heads to the Myers' house where the three of them believe Michael to be. Lonnie tells him and Allyson to wait in the car, but they ignore this request and head in soon after. After seeing his father's corpse, Cameron is brutally killed by Michael, but Allyson is able to survive.


Notes and trivia

  • Along with Karen Nelson, Cameron is one of two characters introduced in the 2018 Halloween film that dies in Halloween Kills.