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Name: Charles Deveraux
Known aliases: Charlie
Gender: Male
Birth: Early 1980s
Death: October 31, 1998 (age 18)
Portrayed by: Adam Hann-Byrd
First appearance: Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later
"I, uh, always found obesity to be very sexy."
―Charlie Deveraux[src]

Charles 'Charlie' Deveraux was a character in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later and portrayed by Adam Hann-Byrd.


Charles Deveraux was a French student at Hillcrest Academy. He was the best friend of John Tate and boyfriend of Sarah Wainthrope. He often would tease John that was going to stay with his mother for the rest of his life and running a weird motel in the middle of nowhere. He, like his friends, didn't have much of a desire to go to Yosemite. This was most likely because Sarah already decided that she wasn't going to go. He then thought of a plan where they could have the whole academy to themselves and have fun. He managed to get out of the trip by not turning in his history report and thus he was now able to stay at Hillcrest.[1]

John and Charlie then wanted to sneak off to get wine but they needed to get out of the academy, so they managed to convince the security guard Ronald Jones to let them out into town and that they would be back before afternoon classes.[1]

Charlie then stole a couple of bottles of wine from a store, but they were caught by John's mother. She ordered Charlie to wait in her car while she spoke with John and they returned to Hillcrest.[1]

Later in the night, Charlie and John met with their girlfriends and got ready for their night together. When he wanted to get the wine, Charlie realized he forgot to get a corkscrew and went to go find one. Later on, Sarah went to go find Charlie, who was gone for a while now, and he jumped up behind her and told her he was going upstairs to find a corkscrew.[1]

Michael bumps into Charlie

Charlie is found dead.jpg

He found one but accidentally knocked it down the garbage disposal. While he tried to get it out, Michael Myers discovered him. Charlie managed to get the corkscrew out and ran into Michael Myers, who used the corkscrew to slit his throat offscreen and stuffed his body in the dumbwaiter. His corpse was found by his girlfriend, Sarah, who was later murdered by Michael when he stabbed her in the back numerous times after she sustained a leg injury.[1]

Notes and trivia

  • In one draft of the script, Charlie was intended to be the killer, acting as a Michael Myers copycat killer.