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Name: Charlie Bowles
Gender: Male
Location: Russellville, Illinois
Known Relatives: Lucy Bowles (mother)
Betty Bowles (wife)
Tiffany Bowles (daughter)
Christina Bowles (daughter)
First Appearance: Halloween: Charlie
"I remember over in Russellville, old Charlie Bowles, about fifteen years ago... One night, he finished dinner, and he excused himself from the table. He went out to the garage, and got himself a hacksaw. Then he went back into the house, kissed his wife and his two children goodbye, and then he proceeded to..."
Angus Taylor's description of events before being cut off by Samuel Loomis.[src]

Charlie Bowles is a character who was first mentioned in the original Halloween. He is also the main character of a short story titled Halloween: Charlie.


Charlie Bowles was born to Lucy Bowles and an unknown father. When Charlie was a young boy, his mother was very protective of him. Once she passed away, he felt a void in his life that he felt was never filled and slowly, he learned to fall in love with the emptiness. He eventually met a woman named Betty and married her. Soon after, she had given birth to their twin daughters, Tiffany and Christina.

He would go on to murder them all with a hacksaw after mysteriously going insane.

Angus Taylor would describe the event, in part, to Dr. Samuel Loomis on the morning of Halloween 1978 as he guided Loomis through Mt. Sinclair Cemetery to the grave of Judith Myers, comparing the crime to that of Judith's murder at the hands of her brother Michael Myers, before Loomis cut him off to ask him how close their relative location to the grave.