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Name: Chett Johns
Known aliases: The Bringer of Death
Gender: Male
Portrayed By: Silas Weir Mitchell
First Appearance: Halloween II

Chett Johns appeared in Rob Zombie's Halloween II.


Chett Johns was a true-crime enthusiast and an avid reader of noted psychiatrist Doctor Samuel Loomis. Loomis had written the two definitive-yet-unauthorized biographies of notorious serial killer Michael Myers, titled The Devil's Eyes and The Devil Walks Among Us. On October 31, 2009 Loomis was the special guest at a book signing in Haddonfield, Illinois to promote the release of The Devil Walks Among Us. Chett was one of the first people in line and was very excited to meet his idol. Identifying himself as "The Bringer of Death", he complimented Loomis on his work, but his hero worship appeared to be directed more at Michael Myers than Loomis himself. After signing Chett's copy of The Devil Walks Among Us, Loomis was caught off guard by the next visitor, who appeared more sane then Chett, who was in fact Kyle Van Der Klok.[1]