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Name: Christina Bowles
Gender: Female
Location: Russellville, Illinois
Known Relatives: Charlie Bowles (father)
Betty Bowles (mother)
Tiffany Bowles (twin-sister)
Lucy Bowles (grandmother)
Death: 1963
First Appearance: Halloween: Charlie

Christina Bowles is a character who was first mentioned in the original Halloween and made an appearance in the short story Halloween: Charlie.


Christina Bowles was the young daughter of Charlie and Betty Bowles and the twin sister of Tiffany. Of the two girls, Christina was the more soft-spoken. On one evening, the family was enjoying dinner when Charlie spoke out and asked his daughters about their day, however, he addressed them as Judith and Lisa. The family was surprised at this slip but didn't think anything of it and continued on eating their meal. Sometime in 1963, Christina and her family moved to a new home and on the first night, they were enjoying dinner when Charlie excused himself from the table. Once he returned, he had a hacksaw in his hand, kissed his wife and two children goodbye, and killed Tiffany and Betty. Christina was in fear as Charlie went after her and murdered her.[1]