"Mrs. Kupfer was right, you know. I do love a good joke, and this is the best ever, a joke on the children."
―Conal Cochran[src]
Conal Cochran
Name: Conal Cochran
Gender: Male
Location: Santa Mira, California
Death: October 31, 1982
Portrayed By: Dan O'Herlihy
First Appearance: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Conal Cochran is a character who appears as the main antagonist in Halloween III: Season of the Witch. he was portrayed by Dan O'Herlihy.


Conal Cochran is the mastermind of a scheme that involves killing millions of children using Halloween masks that have been imbued with Stonehenge chips.

Profile & Tidbits

  • Name: Conal Cochran
  • Actor: Dan O'Herlihy
  • Age: 60s
  • Species: Human - Male
  • Occupation: Owner, Silver Shamrock Novelties
  • Location: Northern California (Santa Mira)
  • Nationality: Ireland
  • Allegiance: Pagan - Celtic / Witchcraft
  • Wardrobe: Suit / Tie - Gray Coat
  • Resources: Isolated Factory, Legion of Android Drones, Wealth, Scientists
  • Weapons: Witchcraft, Technology, Stonehenge rocks, Explosive Chip in Masks, Insects / Snakes
  • Quote: "You don't really know much about Halloween." -
           "It'll be morning soon, Halloween morning, It'll be a very busy day for me."
  • Objective: Coordinate the largest Samhain sacrifice in 3,000 years. In order for the
               nature gods to feast on the children's nectar, allowing the Celtic creeds to prosper.
  • Psychological Analysis: His strong beliefs in the Celtic dogma have led him to thrive as a callous merchant.
                   After years of witnessing the samhain holiday fade into obscurity and become commercialized,
                   overrun by children. He relishes in the irony of turning modern halloween customs into a fury
                   weapon as an act of avenging his forgotten religion.
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