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Name: Richard Curtis
Known aliases: Curtis Richards (pseudonym)
Gender: Male

Curtis Richards is the pseudonym used by Richard Curtis, the author of the novelization of Halloween.[1] 

Richard Curtis, president of Richard Curtis Associates, Inc., is a New York literary agent, and author advocate. He is also the author of a novel, short stories, and several books about the publishing industry, and from 1981 to 1992 had a regular column in the science fiction industry professional fanzine Locus, entitled "Agent's Corner". He created the ebook website ereads.com in 1999. He has commented publicly on Amazon.com's practice of offering publishing deals directly to authors, bypassing mainstream book publishing companies.

The Halloween novel

The novel's copyright is 1979 by Bantam Books, Inc. and is based on the 1978 movie Halloween. The cover photo was courtesy of Compass International Pictures, Inc. and the edition language was English. The book also indicates it was released simultaneously in the United States and Canada. However, the novel has been out of print since the 1980s.

Aside from the title, "Halloween", the cover also says "Trick...or treat...or die" and "The # 1 screen shocker of the year."

On the inside of the cover is a brief prelude:

Someone has removed Judy Myers' headstone from the graveyard. Someone has left a freshly killed dog in the old Myers house. Someone has broken into a store and stolen a Halloween mask and several long knives.

Someone had returned to Haddonfield after 15 bitter years of exile...someone who will strike again...and again...and again...

The summary on the back of the novel is:

Tricked by his cunning...Treated to his savagery...Annie, Linda, and Laurie...fresh, pretty, ready to be taken...stalked by a sadistic power who has returned to claim new victims, on this...the most frightening night of the year.

The back cover also includes a statement that says "A novel by Curtis Richards based on the screenplay by John Carpenter and Debra Hill."

The novel also includes a quote from US Magazine: "The scariest movie since Psycho."

A prologue is contained within the novel and the novel itself consists of 15 chapters and has a total of 166 pages.