Daeg Faerch
Name: Daeg Faerch
Gender: Male
Place of birth: September 27, 1995
Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark
First Appearance: Halloween

Daeg Faerch played the role of young Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake of 2007.


Faerch was cast in the Halloween remake as a young Michael Myers, performing his own stunts. Faerch's performance as the murderous young Myers was met with positive reviews. KPBS said of the young actor: "Daeg Faerch is key in making these early scenes work. He delivers a truly chilling performance as a surprisingly sweet, soft and feminine looking ten-year-old Myers. His physical appearance contrasts with his brutal actions and it’s only in his eyes that you perceive his true nature. Although Faerch was initially signed on to reprise his role as young Michael Myers in the sequel, Halloween II (then known as H2), after filming briefly in Georgia as young Michael he was later recast, because he had outgrown the role. Halloween director Rob Zombie regretfully recast the role of Michael Myers in the second film, despite being happy with Faerch's performance in the first.

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Halloween Young Michael Myers 2007

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