Name: Dana Haines
Gender: Female
Death: October 31st, 2018
Portrayed By: Rhian Rees
First Appearance: Halloween (2018)
Dana Haines is a character in Halloween. She is portrayed by Rhian Rees.


Meeting Michael Myers Edit

Dana was a true-crime podcaster and works with Aaron Korey to investigate Michael Myers. The two of them travel to the sanitarium to meet with Michael. After arriving they meet Dr. Ranbir Sartain, Michael’s new psychiatrist who took on the position after the death of his mentor Dr. Samuel Loomis. He explains how Michael will soon be transferred to a maximum security institution as the psychiatric community has given up after years of trying to reach him.

Dana and Aaron are escorted to the courtyard, where several patients are chained to the ground, including Michael. Sartain tells them that Michael is able to speak and is aware of his surroundings, but has never uttered a word. Dana watches and records as Aaron approaches Michael and tries communicating with him, even taking out the mask he wore the night he committed his murders but all that does is rile up the other inmates in the yard while Michael stands there unresponsive.

Afterwards, Dana and Aaron drive to Laurie's isolated residence to interview her and see if "one monster has created another". When they fail to gain entry, Dana informs Laurie that she will be given three thousand if she lets them interview her. Laurie accepts and they interview her. However, when Laurie's parenting is brought up she tries to end the interview and tells them to get out when Aaron asks her to meet Michael and see if he will speak to her.

Death Edit

Dana and Aaron stop at a gas station and Dana says she needs to poop. While in there, Michael enters and tries to enter her stall. She is unaware of who he is and tells him someone is in there. Michael then reaches his hand over the stall and drops teeth onto the floor. Dana is horrified and tries to crawl out. Michael grabs her legs and screams for Aaron. He rushes to her aid and Michael kills him by bashing him into the stall Dana is hiding in. Michael grabs her by the throat and strangles her, snapping her neck.

Dana and Aaron's corpses are later discovered by Sheriff Hawkins and the rest of the police force in for their autopsies.[1]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • While it's only implied in the movie itself, Dana and Aaron are confirmed to be lovers in the script which included a scene where Aaron scared a showering Dana with the Michael Myers mask. However, Rhian Rees confirmed the two are merely colleagues.

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