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Name: Daniel Cole
Gender: Male
Location: 27 Charles Street, Russellville, Illinois
Known relatives: Craig Cole(father)
Diana Cole (mother)
Marcie Nichols (sister)
Ryan Nichols (brother-in-law)
Birth: 1994
Death: October 23, 2000 (age 6)
First appearance: The Silent Clown

Daniel Cole (1994 - October 23, 2000) is a character in the comic series Halloween: Nightdance.


Daniel Cole was born to Craig and Diana Cole in 1994. He had an older sister named Marcie. Daniel was often babysat by his neighbor Lisa Thomas. In early 1999, Lisa decided to take Daniel for a walk without telling anyone where they were going. Daniel ran off from Lisa into the remote, former home of Charlie Bowles. Once inside, he fell down some stairs and was knocked unconscious and bleeding. Once he came to, he discovered that he, along with Lisa, were locked in darkness. Two days later a search party found the two but by then both were traumatized.

Daniel and Lisa never saw each other after that, but this did not mean Daniel forgot about Lisa. For the next two years, Daniel would draw pictures and send them to Lisa whenever he could. However, his time in the Bowles cellar left him with problems and Lisa blamed herself entirely.

Lisa and Ryan discover Daniel's corpse

Around October 23, 2000, Haddonfield, Illinois murderer Michael Myers broke into the Cole home and slit the throats of Daniel and his parents. Myers then placed a toy clown into Daniel's lap and began drawing disturbing pictures of Lisa and sending them to her under Daniel's name.


Notes and trivia

  • Daniel is currently Michael Myers' youngest victim out of all the different timelines in the Halloween series.