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Name: Daniel Hodges
Known aliases: Danny, Dan
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Kathy Hodges (wife)
Birth: 1946 [1]
Portrayed By: David Kyle
First Appearance: Halloween
"Let's go upstairs."
―Daniel Hodges to Judith Myers[src]

Daniel 'Danny' Hodges is a character that appears in the intro of the original Halloween.


Daniel Hodges was born in 1946 and was a senior at Haddonfield High School when he began dating Judith Myers in 1963.[2] In May of that year, Judith and Danny took a trip to nearby Russellville, but her parents insisted that she should take younger brother Michael along with them. Judith ditched Michael to go have sex in the grass with Danny, leaving Michael to his own devices. Michael disrupted his sister's lovemaking when he appeared before her covered in blood and holding a dead rabbit in his hands.[3]

Five months later, Danny came over to the Myers home to see Judith, who was tasked with taking her brother out trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Just like before, Judith ignored Michael in favor of spending some quality time with Danny. After Danny left, Judith went upstairs and was later discovered to have been murdered.[4] After this, Danny was the only lead they had at the time. At first, Danny would not come forward and help out in the case, as he feared for his life. A few days later, the case took a shocking twist when it was learned that Judith was killed by a child. This child would turn out to be her brother Michael.[5]

Danny eventually married Judith's best friend, Kathy Dryer. After Michael returned to Haddonfield, Danny and Kathy knew that he was not dead, even if the reports said so, and they always felt that he would return and not die so easily.[6]

His fate in all films is unknown after Michael murdered Judith.


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  • In the original Halloween film, this character has no name and is credited simply as "Boyfriend".
  • In the 1979 novelization of the film Halloween by Curtis Richards, Judith's boyfriend's name is "Danny". A last name was not provided, however, it is mentioned in the novel that Danny was a suspect in Judith's murder and that the police were rough on him during questioning.