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Dave from Halloween 2018 2.jpg
Name: Dave
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Death: October 31, 2018
Portrayed By: Miles Robbins
First Appearance: Halloween

Dave's corpse is found by Deputy Hawkins

Dave is a character in 2018's Halloween, played by Miles Robbins.


Dave is a high school student and friend of Allyson Nelson. He is the boyfriend of Vicky. The day before Halloween, Dave is walking with Vicky and Allyson to school. Allyson is complaining about her mother and how she lied about her grandmother not being able to attend a family dinner that night. They discuss her grandmother, Laurie's traumatic history and Dave asks about a town rumor that it was her brother who tried to kill her but Allyson confirms that it is not true. Dave suggests that in the grand scheme of things, some people being murdered by a random psychopath isn't that big a deal but he is silenced by Vicky. He then puts a firecracker in a pumpkin and they all run off before it explodes.

On Halloween, Dave visits Vicky while she is babysitting a boy named Julian. He surprises her in the backyard with a pumpkin carved with hearts. He shows her a tattoo on his right shoulder with the date “10-31-18”, symbolizing that tonight will be their “first time” and Vicky starts to passionately kiss him. As they start to undress on the sofa they're interrupted by a scared Julian claiming that he just saw the “boogeyman“. Vicky goes upstairs to put him back to bed while Dave goes outback and smokes a joint. He notices the garage side entrance is open and getting a closer look, finds a motorcycle and exclaims “sick” in clear awe of it. He starts pretending to ride it but ends up knocking the bike on its side.

Just then, he hears screams inside the house from Vicky, who has just been attacked by Michael Myers. He runs back to investigate and finds Julian running away in fear, who tells Dave that if he goes upstairs, he will end up dead. Dave considers what to do for a moment before deciding to grab a Kitchen knife and head upstairs to help Vicky. Dave is ultimately murdered by Michael when he impales him through the back of the neck with a knife and pins him to the living room wall. Dave's body is later discovered by Officer Frank Hawkins.

Notes and trivia

  • Dave's death bears similarities to Bob Simms', as they were both impaled against a wall with a kitchen knife by Michael Myers.
  • In another similarity to 1978's Halloween, when Dave runs upstairs to go help the already-dead Vicky, he grabs a knife with a striking resemblance to the kitchen knife seen in the first film.
  • Tate (Dave's fake horse), has the same last name as Laurie Strode's in Halloween H20.