Dave McRae (born May 24, 1979) is a 4 time Voice Arts Award nominated professional voice actor, who is also a movie commentator and independent filmmaker. His voice is heard across North America and around the world.


Dave McRae is probably one of the best known YouTube personalities in the online Halloween and horror community. McRae has spent nearly 20 years in the entertainment industry, mostly in voice over and post production. McRae was among the first YouTubers (if not the very first) to predict that Halloween (2018) would negate the events of Halloween 2 (1981). He was also the first to tweet that Halloween 2018 would have a sequel in the fall of 2020 as told to him by an inside source. 3 days later broke the story officially.

As of 2020, McRae hosts a show on YouTube called MCRAE LIVE, a movie watch podcast called Two Dudes and Some Bullshit, and uploads various video content related to horror and the Halloween franchise. Dave's YouTube channel has over 20 thousand subscribers and over 5 million channel views. 


Dave McRae is a full-time professional voice over actor, and four-time Voice Arts Award Nominee; 3 times for Outstanding National TV Promo - Best Voice Over, and once for Outstanding Body Of Work - Best Voice Actor. 

Dave's voice is one of the most sought after and respected voices in Canada and across North America. His voice has been heard on thousands of Radio and Television Commercials, Network Promos, Movie and Game Trailers, Narration, and Animation.

He works from his professional home studio in Toronto Canada and delivers voice overs all over the world.

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