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David Loomis One Good Scare.jpg
Name: David Loomis
Gender: Male
Known Relatives: Samuel Loomis (father)
First Appearance: Halloween: One Good Scare

David Loomis is a character that appears in Halloween: One Good Scare.


David Loomis is the son of Samuel Loomis and, like him, is a doctor at Smith's Grove Sanitarium.


David did not visit his father before he died.


One Good Scare....

Although continuing his father's work, David is careful not to inherit his obsession with Michael Myers. However, when Lindsey Wallace is admitted to Smith's Grove claiming that Michael is stalking her, he finds history repeating itself; David neglects his other patients to interview Lindsey, investigates Myers' history, and even visits his childhood home in Haddonfield. However, on Halloween 2003, Michael arrives at Smith's Grove, murdering his way through the staff to get to Lindsey. David tries to protect her, but his fear gets the better of him and he hides as Michael drags Lindsey away to her death. Michael is sure to leave a cracked picture frame containing a photo of David and his father, a message that he would be coming back for him.