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Debra Lane.jpg
Name: Debra Lane
Gender: Female
Location: Pontiac, Illinois
Birth: 1948
Death: October 31, 1978
Portrayed By: Catherine Bergstrom
First Appearance: Halloween II

Debra Lane (1948 - October 31, 1978) was a character in Halloween II.


Debra Lane worked as a line producer for WWAR TV News in Pontiac. She was very concerned about her image as a good innocent woman but in reality, she was very cold. She came to Haddonfield, Illinois with her assistant Barry McNichol and reporter Robert Mundy after news broke out that an escaped mental patient came to the town and murdered three teens. She told her assistant to try and get as much information he could. She later told Barry that she was going to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. On her way, she came across a police officer who at first would not let her pass, but Debra used her looks to persuade him and left him towards the hospital as quick as she could. Michael would later slit her throat with a kitchen knife and steal her car.[1]


Notes and trivia

  • Although this is not seen in the film, Debra is shown to be murdered in the novelization of Halloween II.