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Deputy Webb.jpg
Name: Deputy Webb
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Portrayed By: Bill Fagerbakke
First Appearance: Halloween II

Deputy Webb appears in Halloween II.


Deputy Webb worked for the Sheriff's Department of Haddonfield, Illinois under Sheriff Lee Brackett. Webb was one of the first officers on the scene when the station received a 911 call that originated from Brackett's home at 15 Cherrywood Road. What Webb and the others discovered were the murdered bodies of two young women, Mya Rockwell and the Sheriff's daughter Annie Brackett. When Lee learned of the crime he was inconsolable, but Deputy Webb stayed by his side.

Moments later, Webb received a call from an apparent witness who had seen serial killer Michael Myers off Eagle Road. He told Brackett the news and together they mobilized a helicopter unit and sent all squad cars to the scene.

Armed with sniper rifles, Deputy Webb and his co-workers surrounded an isolated cabin in which Michael had quartered himself. When the opportunity presented itself and they had a clear shot, Webb and the others brought Michael down in a hail of bullets. A few seconds later, Laurie Strode exited the cabin and was promptly gunned down herself, but it is unclear whether Webb participated in the second shooting or not.