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Name: Detective Fitzsimmons
Known aliases: Fitz
Gender: Male
Location: Langdon, Illinois
Birth: 1948
Portrayed By: Beau Billingslea
First Appearance: Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later
"They never found his body."
―Detective Fitzsimmons.[src]

Detective Fitzsimmons is a character in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later.


Detective Fitzsimmons was a detective who was sent to investigate Marion Chambers's house after it was broken into and she, along with Jimmy Howell and Tony Allegre were murdered. Fitzsimmons and detective Matt Sampson discussed the possibility that it was Michael Myers who was behind the breakout and murders. Sampson was in disbelief that it was Michael, assuming he was too old to still be doing these crimes. Fitzsimmons however told Sampson that Michael was younger than himself, who was fifteen years old when Michael killed his sister Judith. Fearing that it was indeed Michael, Fitzsimmons decided to call Haddonfield just as a precaution as the next day was Halloween.[1]



  • Scott Fitzsimmons is the name of the police chief that the newscaster mentions on television at the beginning of Friday the 13th Part III (1982). Both that film and Halloween H20 were directed by Steve Miner and this character was named as a homage.


Detective Fitzsimmons speculates that murderous madman Michael Myers has come out of hiding to go on another rampage, but Fitz's colleague Matt Sampson is skeptical of that notion, wrongly believing that Myers would be too old and decrepit to return to his killing form