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Donna Chang.jpg
Name: Donna Chang
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Death: October 31, 2002
Portrayed By: Daisy McCrackin
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection
"I'm interested in how Michael Myers embodies the politics of violence embedded in pop mythology."
―Donna Chang when questioned why she is interested in Michael Myers[src]

Donna Chang is a character that only appears in Halloween: Resurrection.


Donna Chang was a Haddonfield University student who was interested in how Michael Myers "embodies the politics of violence embedded in pop mythology." Although she appeared very smart, she had a strong sexual side to her that she normally kept hidden. Donna was one of six people to be selected to be part of Dangertainment's reality Internet show in which they would stay in the Myers house. Her theory on Michael Myers was that he had fits of rage that he could not control.[1]

Donna's death

She eventually went towards the basement with Jim Morgan whom she acted like she did not care for, but at the same time, was sexually attracted to. While down at the basement, they found a secret room that was rigged by Freddie Harris to make it look like Michael was abused. Since they figured there were no cameras, Donna and Jim started to make out - with her taking her shirt off and him undoing her bra. In the middle of it, a wall came crashing down on them, wherein they found several skeletons. Donna thought they were victims of Michael but Jim learned that they were fake by the "Made in Taiwan" tag on an arm. Annoyed that it was all fake, Jim went up to confront Freddie while Donna got dressed. She attempted to retrieve her bra but was too disgusted by the fake bodies that she left it and just donned her shirt. Donna then discovered the sewers where Michael Myers had actually lived. Once she knew this part was real, she tried to find a way out of the sewers but she ran into Michael Myers. Donna found a small opening but Michael was already behind her. She tried to get him off, but when he grabbed her and impaled her on a metal spike, she screamed in horror and died painfully impaled with a spike through her back after her last words, "Stay away from me!".[1]


Notes and trivia

  • Donna's death in a deleted scene

    In an alternate version of the film, Donna runs from Michael but when she reaches the gate instead of stopping she runs into the spike, not seeing it.