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Name: Earl Ford
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Death: October 31, 1988
Portrayed By: Gene Ross
First Appearance: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Earl Ford is a character in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.


Earl Ford was the owner of the Oasis bar. On October 31, 1988 it was reported on the news that all businesses in Haddonfield were to be closed as soon as possible and for everyone to be off the streets. Earl was confused by this as Sheriff Ben Meeker was not the type to resort to this type of cautious behavior and Earl wasn't going to close up early unless there was a good reason to. He called the police station but no one would pick up the phone. Earl decided to take it into his own hands to figure out what was going in and he along with a some guys from the bar went to the police station.

Once they arrived at the police station, they were met by Sheriff Meeker and Sam Loomis. Meeker told them to go home and to stay out of what was going on. Earl was still looking for answers and got it when Loomis told them it was Michael Myers. Knowing full well what he did ten years ago, Earl and his friends went to find and kill him. Sheriff asked Loomis why he told them that, in which Loomis replies "these men might be the only line of defense you got". As they were driving around town searching for him, Orrin told them that he spotted Myers at a park.

Earl and his gang standing in front of Sheriff Meeker.

The men got out of the truck, aimed their guns and began shooting at the bushes where they believed Myers was. After they stopped, they walked over to the body and discovered it was not Myers but Ted Hollister.

Later in the night, Earl and the guys heard the alarm going off at Haddonfield Elementary School and rushed over there to find Rachel Carruthers and her foster sister Jamie Lloyd. Earl wanted to go inside the school to finish Myers off but everyone else figured it was best if they let the police handle them while they took Rachel and Jamie away from town. Unknown to Earl and everyone else, Myers was hiding underneath the truck, who climbed up and stabbed Orrin in the back, then pierced Al's stomach and pushed both corpses and Unger down to the trunk.

Earl's death

Earl heard some noise in the back of the trunk, but before he could check, Michael broke the window, grabbed Earl and ripped Earl's neck off, killing him.


  • His death won the Golden Chainsaw Award in Dead Meat's Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers kill count.