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Ellie Grimbridge.jpg
Name: Ellie Grimbridge
Gender: Female
Location: Los Angeles, California
Known relatives: Harry Grimbridge (father; deceased)
Death: October 31, 1982
Portrayed by: Stacey Nelkin
First appearance: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Ellie Grimbridge is a character who appears as the deuteragonist of Halloween III: Season of the Witch.


Ellie Grimbridge was the daughter of Harry Grimbridge and the love interest of Dr. Daniel Challis. She lived in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Challis treated Harry Grimbridge, who was cryptically ranting on a stretcher: "They're going to kill us. All of us", and was treated with a dosage of Thorazine and placed in hospital room 13. Soon afterwards, a business-suited man with black gloves entered the room and gruesomely killed him, then left the hospital and set himself on fire.

The next day, Sunday, October 24, Ellie identified her father's body in his hospital room, and was told the case was under investigation. On Wednesday, the 27th, Teddy, a friend of Dr. Challis' from the Coroner's Office, told him that the well-dressed businessman had an extraordinary strength to have been able to pull apart Grimbridge's skull. Friday, the 29th, Dr. Challis was at a bar, where a TV broadcast advertised the airing of "immortal classic" Halloween (1978) on Halloween night, followed by a "big giveaway" at 9:00 pm, sponsored by Silver Shamrock Novelties. Ellie located Dr. Challis there, and they decided to work together to discover why her father had died.

They visited his closed-down toy store in Sierra Madre. Ellie had researched her father's appointment book, and surmised that he had run into trouble after October 20, when he was to pick up more Halloween masks in the small town of Santa Mira, California, the location of a large Irish community, and the Silver Shamrock Novelties factory. After WWII, wealthy Irishman Conal Cochran had invigorated the rural town of Santa Mira by establishing the toy factory - the largest manufacturer and purveyor of Halloween masks in the world. At the town, they were watched suspiciously by various bystanders and shop owners (and a TV surveillance camera) as they drove into the community - Dr. Challis commented: "Company town."

While Dr. Challis and Ellie made love in their hotel room, businesswoman Marge Guttman nearby was taking a close look at one of the masks' poorly-made pieces - a trademarked Silver Shamrock button with an embedded computer chip that had fallen off one of the masks. As she poked at the back of it with a bobby-pin, it emitted a lethal laser beam that blasted her in the face, leaving her disfigured and dead, as a Jerusalem cricket emerged from her mouth. In the middle of the night, a white van (and other white vehicles) with white-garbed attendants removed Marge's body from her room. Conal Cochran's chauffeured vehicle drove up and he assured Dan and Ellie of Marge's "small accident" and promised the "very best possible treatment" at the "marvelous" emergency facilities at the factory. However, he whispered the word "misfire" as he departed.

Ellie and Daniel went to Cochran's factory, where they were assured that Mrs. Guttman had been flown for treatment to San Francisco, and that Ellie's replacement order would be at no charge. They were given a factory tour, but Challis was suspicious of business-suited guards standing around the facility, telling Ellie: "They look an awful lot like the man who killed your father." Inside an open garage on the grounds, Ellie spotted her father's car, but was prevented by guards from getting any closer and was later abducted by Cochran's henchmen. Daniel would go back to the factory to rescue her, only to be abducted himself. Challis escaped, killed Cochran and destroyed all of the androids and the factory. He drove away with Ellie, only to be attacked by her, revealing that she had been replaced by an android, and their car ran off the road and crashed into a tree. Challis managed to kill her by separating her head from her body with a tire iron grabbed from his trunk. Although beheaded, her amputated arm and body still kept trying to strangle him.

The real Ellie's fate is left unknown, though she was most likely killed by Cochran or his androids.