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Name: Unnamed female dog in the Myers house
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Death: Possibly October 31st, 1978
First appearance: Halloween

The female dog in the Myers house is an unknown dog that appeared in Halloween (1978). However, she does not make an on-screen appearance.


This dog was stray with a possible relationship to Samuel Loomis. She was sitting near a window in the Myers house. Michael Myers discovered her wandering for a place to sleep, then he slammed her against the walls, which may have caused the cracks on the walls, and ate her unconscious body. Michael placed the remains near the stairs for Samuel Loomis and Sheriff Leigh Brackett to find.

Notes and trivia

  • This dog is the second completely off-screen victim of Michael Myers in the series. The first being a mechanic (whose suit Michael steals and iconically dons) near the phone booth Loomis uses to call and warn Haddonfield.
  • She is the first dog to be killed in the series, the others being LesterSundaeMax, and Ivan.
  • We eventually see her body in a flashback in Halloween Kills, as she is discovered by Frank Hawkins while he is searching for Michael. From what we can see, she has been brutally beaten to death, then gutted and pulled open.