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Sheriff Hawkins.png
Name: Frank Hawkins
Known aliases: Officer Hawkins

Deputy Hawkins Burnout

Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Birth: ca. 1953
Portrayed By: Will Patton
Thomas Mann (young)
First Appearance: Halloween

Frank Hawkins is a character from Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021), portrayed by Will Patton. His younger self appears in Halloween Kills, played by Thomas Mann.


Halloween 1978

On Halloween 1978, Michael Myers killed three babysitters. Deputy Hawkins spotted Michael as the latter walked and ordered him to stop in place after identifying himself. When Michael proceeded, Hawkins fired multiple shots at him and missed each time, following behind Michael and observing a footprint before his name was called out by Pete McCabe as the latter had arrived with other officers. Hawkins questioned where they had been and recounted seeing Michael before the latter seemingly disappeared. The four officers split into two groups, with McCabe and Hawkins partnering up as McCabe revealed his past with Michael, Hawkins asking if Michael used to pluck wings off of butterflies as a boy. Hawkins and McCabe encountered Lonnie Elam shortly after the latter saw Michael and inquired on the boy's well-being, Hawkins instructing Lonnie to take a deep breath.

Frank in 1978

Lonnie ran off as Hawkins and McCabe turned their attention to the Myers house, which they entered with their weapons drawn. The two went upstairs and McCabe stepped into the room of Judith Myers, noticing footprints at the window. As McCabe proclaimed that Haddonfield never had anything exciting happen to it, he was attacked by Michael, who began strangling McCabe as Hawkins called out his name after being alerted by the noise. Hawkins entered the room and pointed his gun at the pair as he ordered Michael to release McCabe or he would shoot, Michael continuing to strangle McCabe until Hawkins fired a shot and hit McCabe in the throat by accident. Michael then dropped the dying McCabe and walked out the room, Hawkins following behind him and firing several shots that missed Michael as he exited the house.

Hawkins went to McCabe's side and promised they would get him some help as Dr. Samuel Loomis and more officers arrived outside the home. McCabe asked Hawkins if they captured Michael and Hawkins confirmed this right before McCabe died, crying as he apologized. Hawkins bent over the body of his fellow officer before getting up right as Loomis entered the home, the latter asking Hawkins to explain what happened and if Michael had killed again. Outside, Michael was cornered by several officers who had guns drawn and after one officer knocked him to the ground with repeated beatings, Loomis came over and raised his gun to shoot Michael in the head. Hawkins, reminded that Michael was someone's child, grabbed Loomis's arm and made the shot ascend to the sky, effectively saving Michael's life.


Hawkins met Laurie Strode and developed a romantic interest in her, though he recognized she had feelings for Ben Tramer.

Halloween 2018

Hawkins is playing a pinball machine when he receives a dispatch to the site of a bus crash. He travels there and instructs anyone needing assistance to let themselves be known right as he stumbles on the body of an officer. He reports this and states that he needs assistance and backup immediately, venturing into the bus, where he encounts an injured Ranbir Sartain. The latter informs him that he had been shot and Hawkins assures him that help was on the way before requesting an explanation of what had transpired. Sartain asks him if he escaped and Hawkins in turn asks who he is referring to. Michael murders podcasters Aaron Joseph-Korey and Dana Haines at a gas station ahead of recovering his old mask from Aaron's car. Hawkins arrives at the scene of the crime, knowing it was Michael the moment he sees Dana's body, and is called over by Sheriff Barker to see a state-issued hospital gown.

Hawkins reminds Barker that he was there that night in 1978 and as he notices Laurie in the crowd, observes that there was a reason they were afraid of Halloween in Haddonfield. On Halloween night, Hawkins respondes to a domestic disturbance at a home and comes inside after he receives no replies. Venturing upstairs, he finds the corpse of Vicky under a sheet. Outside, Laurie notices Michael standing in another room and fires, hitting a mirror and causing Michael to reveal himself to Hawkins as he walks down the stairs. Hawkins gives chase and hears Laurie fire at Michael outside, coming behind her and saying her name. Laurie accidentally strikes him in the face and he inquires about what she is doing there. Barker, Sartain, and other members of law enforcement arrive on the scene, Sartain asking Hawkins where Michael is. Barker orders Sartain to stay in place as he speaks of the latter being an assert while Hawkins dismisses him as a liability.

Hawkins questions Barker on him wanting Sartain to accompany him before Laurie interjects, causing Hawkins to say her name and for Sartain to realize who she is. Laurie asks Sartain if he knew that she has prayed every night for Michael to escape and Hawkins questions her purpose, furthering that it was "a dumb thing" to pray for. Hawkins and Sartain then leave to look for Michael, Hawkins swearing that Michael would not escape this time and hinting that he would harm him when Sartain insisted otherwise. Allyson Nelson encounters Michael after he kills Oscar Berlucchi and Hawkins drives to her location, Hawkins giving Allyson a hug and promising that she will be okay and returned to her mother. Hawkins instructs the other citizens present to get back in their houses and drives off with Allyson and Sartain. Hawkins spots Michael and speeds up his car to run him over, Michael then laying on the ground unconscious. Sartain and Hawkins leave the vehicle, Hawkins drawing a gun and ordering Sartain to get back in the car. Hawkins swears that he will shoot Michael and warns Sartain to step away from him before Sartain stabs him. Hawkins then falls to the ground and is stabbed more times by Sartain before the latter lifts Michael into Hawkins's car and runs over Hawkins as he drives away.

Hospital recovery

Hawkins is discovered by Cameron Elam, who uses a part of his attire to provide basic medical care to Hawkins. The latter awakes and continues to say that Michael needs to die without naming the latter, and pledges that he will be the one that would get him. Hawkins loses consciousness again at some point before being taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where he was placed in the same room as Laurie. After Laurie reflects on their past together and admits to having always liked him, Hawkins replies, "You so crazy" as the pair exchange greetings. The two reflect on their pasts and Laurie tells Hawkins that she and her family have successfully killed Michael and Hawkins reacts with happiness. A nurse comes in the room and asks Hawkins his pain level ranging from 1 to 10, to which he answers that it was number 11. Tommy comes in their room and confirms that Michael is alive through his murder of Marion Chambers and attack on Lindsey Wallace, prompting Laurie to inject herself so she can go confront him.

When she later returns to her hospital room and tells Hawkins about how she was the one that brought Michael's chaos to Haddonfield, Hawkins says he could have made all of this go away and says it was his fault instead of hers, as he recounts his preventing Loomis from killing Michael. He tells Laurie that he now understands there is nothing inside Michael except pure evil before the pair hold hands and agree that Michael needs to die. Karen returns to the room and argues with Laurie, who asserts that she is the one Michael was after. Hawkins interjects that Sartain took Michael to her and that the latter is not after her. Hawkins asks Laurie if she knew that Michael used to stare out his sister's bedroom window when he was six-years-old and reflects on McCabe's death in that same spot. Hawkins then questions who knew what motivated Michael, adding that to him, it always seems that Michael wants one thing.


As an officer, Hawkins has a genuine care for Haddonfield’s citizens, as evidenced by him warning them to lock their doors. He also demonstrated his compassion when he tried comforting Allyson after her encounter with Michael and promised her that she would be reunited with her mother as he gave her a hug.

Hawkins has a deep disdain for Michael that has grown as time has passed. He stopped Loomis from killing Michael, on the premise that the latter was someone's child and in recognition of what he thought was Michael's humanity, something that he would stop believing Michael possessed later on. Hawkins has a better understanding of Michael than most people. Upon seeing the corpse of Dana, he instantly knew it was Michael's work and he was confident (and correct) in asserting that Michael did not target Laurie when he arrived at her home nor was he in pursuit of her after surviving his fight with her. His motivation for driving into Michael and plotting to shoot him in the head was based around his knowledge of how powerful Michael is compared to the average person and the need to use every advantage possible to overcome him.

Hawkins is also fairly outspoken, as he openly expressed disagreement with Sheriff Barker on the usefulness of Sartain in tracking down Michael and told Laurie to her face that it was dumb that she prayed for Michael to escape. Over 40 years, Hawkins evolved from an insecure officer to a confident distributor of the law.

Hawkins has a complex relationship with Laurie Strode. While the two are similar in their disdain for Michael, blaming themselves for his evil acts after 1978, and wanting to stop him, they differ in their approaches, as evidenced by Hawkins condemning Laurie's wishes for Michael to escape so she could kill him and Laurie accusing Hawkins of just standing around due to him having a conversation with Barker on the effectiveness of bringing along Sartain as Michael was on the loose. Hawkins also questioned Laurie's sanity when speaking to Sartain. Despite this, Hawkins does understand that Laurie shares his values of wanting to kill Michael so that others don't have to experience what they have been through, as evidenced by his happiness when the pair thought she had killed Michael and the two holding hands as they mutually concurred that Michael needed to die. He also seemed to remember their past romance with some fondness, which is at odds with his condemnations of her more recent behavior.

Despite his vow to kill Michael, Hawkins has shown that he is not against others completing this task instead of himself. When Laurie Strode tells him that she has killed him, Hawkins is visibly happy. This shows that, while he may have a personal vendetta against Michael, he is willing to set it aside as he recognizes the higher priority of stopping Michael over his own gratification.

Notes and trivia

  • Along with Dr. Loomis and Leigh Brackett, Hawkins is one of three characters in this timeline to attempt to shoot Michael in the head before being either attacked or stopped.
  • He is the second character in the series to run over Michael, after Rachel Carruthers in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.
  • Hawkins is the only character in the 2018 Halloween film to be assaulted by a character that is not Michael, as he is hit accidentally by Laurie and attacked repeatedly by Dr. Sartain.
  • Along with Laurie Strode, Lindsey Wallace, and Allyson Nelson, Hawkins is one of four characters to survive two encounters with Michael in this timeline.
  • Hawkins and Michael are the only two characters to appear in both the flashback sequences and present story of Halloween Kills.
  • Leading up to the release of Halloween Kills, Hawkins was believed by many fans to have died in the 2018 Halloween film until a picture of the character in a hospital bed was posted on the Instagram account of actress Jamie Lee Curtis.
  • Hawkins is the only known Haddonfield deputy to have worked under both Brackett and Barker.
  • Along with Michael, Karen Nelson, Dr. Loomis, Lonnie Elam, and Tommy Doyle, Hawkins is one of six characters in this timeline to be played by more than one actor.
  • In the three encounters that Hawkins had with Michael as depicted in the 2018 Halloween film and Halloween Kills, Michael never outright attacked Hawkins. In their first encounter, after Hawkins shot McCabe by accident, Michael walked past Hawkins to exit the room and go outside. In their second encounter, shortly after Hawkins discovered the body of Vicky, Michael walked past him as he left the house. During their third encounter, Hawkins struck Michael with a car before the latter could do anything.
  • According to the Halloween Kills novelization, Hawkins is 25 in 1978, meaning he was born in 1953 or 1952.