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Name: Franklin Munroe
Gender: Male
Death: October 31, 2001
Portrayed By: Brent Chapman
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection
"Willie, I'm not trying to criticize your work, but if you put Harold in his room, how come I see him in the basement? "
―Franklin Munroe to Willie Haines.[src]

Franklin Munroe appears in Halloween: Resurrection.


Franklin is beheaded.

Franklin Munroe was a security guard at Grace Andersen Sanitarium. On October 31, 2001, Franklin saw on the monitors who he believed to be one of the patients named Harold Trumble, who was just taken in a few minutes before by Willie Haines. Franklin and Willie went to go fetch him but Willie stopped by a vending machine so Franklin went on ahead.

Franklin found "Harold" (it was actually Michael Myers) and asked him what he was doing in the basement. Michael attacked Franklin and beheaded him with a Kitchen knife. He then stuck the head inside a washing machine.[1] His partner then discovered his head in the washing machine with bloody clothes and his headless corpse on the floor before he himself was killed.

Frankin Munroe gets irritated when fellow security guard Willie Haines opts to grab dinner from the vending machine, instead of going to look for whom they believe is Harold Trumble, but is actually superhuman psycho killer Michael Myers, who proceeds to kill both Munroe and Haines.