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Name: Gary Hunt
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Birth: ca. 1947
Portrayed By: Hunter von Leer
First Appearance: Halloween II

Deputy Gary Hunt appeared in Halloween II.


Gary Hunt was a native of Haddonfield who was 16 years old when Michael Myers killed his sister Judith. It had a profound effect on him, as he remembered the news all of these years.

He grew up to be a deputy in the Haddonfield Police Department, under Sheriff Leigh Brackett. Gary was the one who informed Brackett of his daughter Annie's death. He told Brackett to take the rest of the night off while he continued to investigate with Dr. Samuel Loomis. They took the burned body of "Michael" to a medical examiner who told them that the body was of a teenager and not that of a 21-year-old.

Gary and Loomis left to go to the Myers house, where they discovered that the citizens took it upon themselves to try and rough it up. Gary tried to break it up and, in the middle of this, teenagers Randy and Craig came up to Gary, asking if they had seen their friend Bennett Tramer. They told him that Ben was wearing a mask and was drunk. When Loomis asked his age, Gary feared that the man that was killed earlier was Ben. Later in the night, Hunt accompanied Dr. Loomis to Haddonfield Elementary School to investigate a break-in and discovered a knife lodged into a child's picture on the teacher's desk.

He and his fellow officers later escorted Laurie Strode to the ambulance after the explosion in the hospital.