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Not to be confused with Deputy Graham.

Name: Graham
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Portrayed by: Jeffrey Kramer
First appearance: Halloween II

Graham (mistakenly identified as Roland Baker) appeared in Halloween II.


Graham was a dentist in Haddonfield that temporarily acted as a medical examiner. He examined the burned corpse of Bennett Tramer, whom Deputy Gary Hunt and Doctor Samuel Loomis mistakenly believed to be Michael Myers. The coroner, Roland Baker, was unable to identify the body due to the nature of Tramer's death; the body was burned beyond recognition, and thus Loomis requested a dentist to be present to compare the body's teeth to Michael's dental records.

He may have also attended the corpses of Annie Brackett, Bob Simms, Lynda Van Der Klok, Alice Martin, Alan Gateway's son, Bernard Garrett, Budd Scarlotti, Karen Bailey, Frederick Mixter, Janet Marshall, Virginia Alves, Jill Franco and Terrence Gummell.