This article is about the mask used in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.

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Halloween 4 would prove to be very successful, prompting Moustapha Akkad to rush the next film into production. It was originally decided that the mask used from Halloween 4 would be reused for Halloween 5, but this would not be the case as Michael Myers' stuntman from the former, George P. Wilbur, would not be reprising his role. Taking on the role would be stuntman Don Shanks.

Shanks tried on Halloween 4's mask before principal photography was set to commence but it was decided that the mask didn't quite fit him right, so a new mask was designed. The new mask (designed by Greg Nicotero and his early KNB FX team) would feature a far different look than the previous mask (although it was presented in the story as being the same mask as the one seen in Halloween 4). The mask features a ghastlier look and more defined expression, with a far wider neck. Two of the more noticeable features on the mask was the long pulled back hair and tear drop shaped eyes. The shape of the lips and eyebrows also gave the mask an angrier look, instead of the blank expression of its predecessors. The mask also possesses a slightly thicker rubber than the others, which is evident in its appearance.

Shanks has also confirmed that the mask was held together with Velcro, which made it extremely tough to breathe in. During the filming of the beating sequence in the third act, Shanks received a fractured septum from a wooden plank, swung by co-star Donald Pleasance. Because of this, a new nose application had to be grafted onto the mask in order to accommodate Shanks‘ bandaged nose. The updated mask can be visible through many portions of the film.

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While some applauded the mask for being more expressive than its predecessor, it would receive a negative reaction overall. Fans and critics expressed displeasure over the lack of continuity between masks seen in Halloween 4 and 5. Many also felt the mask looked more unkempt and shoddy than the others. Those with positive reactions found the mask to be more ”ghost“ or “phantom” like in appearance.

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