The community of Haddonfield, Illinois gained international attention when a six-year-old boy named Michael Myers murdered his older sister on Halloween night, 1963. He was committed to Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

Fifteen years later, on October 30, 1978, an adult Michael escaped the mental hospital and went on a legendary killing spree on Halloween night, claiming sixteen victims. His childhood psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis hunted down Michael and found him murdering the local hospital's staff. He set of an explosion in the hospital which sent Michael into a coma. The media descended on the town. Survivor of the massacre Laurie Strode was later killed in a car crash in 1987.

On Halloween 1988, Michael awoke and headed back to Haddonfield. His eight-year-old niece Jamie Lloyd was his primary target. He killed over a dozen people, including the sheriff's teenage daughter. Michael murdered most of the town's police force and created a city wide blackout in his attempt to attack Jamie. Michael was presumed dead after Sheriff Ben Meeker and locals hunted him down.

Michael returned the following Halloween and murdered numerous teenagers. The infamous Halloween 1989 Massacre was the largest and bloodiest of them all. The local police station, where Michael had finally been arrested and taken to, was attacked by an unknown assailant. The entire police force was murdered, including Sheriff Meeker, and parts of the building were set on fire in an explosion. Both Michael and Jamie then vanished, with the town believing them both to have been blown to bits in the explosion. After this massacre, the local council lawfully banned the celebration of Halloween in Haddonfield. Six years later, on Halloween 1995, the police found Jamie's murdered body in a barn outside of town. The community's residents slowly started to realize Michael had returned. However, the teenagers of the town had grown impatient with Halloween parties being banned. A small protest began in a local park and soon afterwards, five people were found brutally murdered, including two of the protest's organizers. The next morning, Dr Loomis was found dead at Smith's Grove. Either he passed away or was killed by Michael himself.

Michael was never seen again after the Halloween 1995 Massacre. The public still assumes him to be dead, or to have been consumed by the evil inside of him. Halloween in Haddonfield still remains lawfully banned.

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