The small town of Haddonfield, Illinois gained international attention when a six year old boy named Michael Myers murdered his older sister on Halloween Night, 1963. He was committed to Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

Fifteen years later, on October 30th 1978, he escaped and embarked on a legendary killing spree in Haddonfield on Halloween Night. Several teenagers, police officers, security guards and nurses were murdered. Sixteen victims in total. Michael's childhood psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis hunted Michael and tracked him down murdering the local hospital's staff. He caused an explosion in the hospital. However, when the authorities put out the fire, Michael's body was nowhere to be found and Loomis was horribly scared. There were two survivors of the massacre, teenager Laurie Strode and a paramedic named Jimmy. Jimmy later died of his injury, leaving Laurie the sole survivor. She gained national media attention. She was killed in a car accident in 1987 (in fact, she faked her death).

News struck Haddonfield in 2001 when it was reported that an institutionalized Laurie had been murdered by another inmate at the psychiatric ward (Michael had actually framed the inmate).

Michael returned to Haddonfield on Halloween 2002, twenty-four years after his legendary massacre. He entered his childhood home which was now abandoned. A group of college students were being filmed for an Internet horror show in the house and Michael murdered them on camera, although viewers thought it was fake until the media reported that Michael had returned and only college student Sara Moyer and the show's creator, Freddie Harris survived. Michael was left by Sara and Freddie to die in the garage which they set on fire.

Michael's charred body was taken to the morgue where he regained consciousness. However - since there have not been any further sequels to this version of Halloween - the audience is left to speculate whether this was anything more than a chemical reaction from his body.