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Haddonfield High School is located in Haddonfield, Illinois.


This high school is located in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. The football team is known as the "Haddonfield Huskers".

Sometime in the beginning of November 1963, the school principal received the shocking and tragic news that a sophomore named Judith Myers, was murdered in her home on October 31, 1963. It was later discovered that it was her own brother Michael who murdered her. The school staff held a discussion with the students in the auditorium and had a moment of silence. the school staff reassured the students that if they needed to talk to someone that they could come to their school psychologist and teachers. Judith's friends and boyfriend, Dan, were hit with the news particularly hard and struggled with coming to terms that Judith had died. Many students and school staff paid their respects by attending Judith's wake and funeral. In June 1965 when the seniors received their yearbooks, a page with a big picture of Judith was dedicated in memory of her.

Fifteen years later, the school would lose five more students, the huskers tight-end Robert Simms, cheerleader Lynda Van der Klok, sheriff's daughter Annie Brackett, Alice Martin and Bennett Tramer. All of the deaths were once again related to Myers in some form. Simms, Van der Klok,Brackett and Martin were murdered by Myers himself while Tramer was killed by police as they mistook him for Myers as he was wearing the same mask. It was later learned that Myers had returned to Haddonfield in search of his sister, Laurie Strode, who was another student at the school.

Ten years later, Myers had awoken from his coma, this time in his search for his niece Jamie Lloyd. The students who would fall to Myers' rampage included Sheriff Meeker's daughter Kelly and Brady. After all these murders, the school has not faced anymore tragedies as future victims were no longer students at the school. It is possible that Spitz, Mike, Tina Williams, and Samantha Thomas were students at the school when they died.


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