The Haddonfield Memorial Hospital is located in Haddonfield, Illinois. It is the primary location of 1981's Halloween II, where Michael Myers kills nine people.


On October 31st 1963, an ambulance brought Judith Myers to the hospital where she was officially pronounced dead as a result of multiple stab wounds and massive blood loss. Judith's corpse was examined by medical examiner Barry Hersal in the hospital's morgue. Fifteen years later, on October 31st 1978, the hospital staff did not know that they would encounter the serial killer known as Michael Myers who would be in search of his sister Laurie Strode. As he made his way through the hospital, he killed a security guard, a paramedic, a doctor, and all four nurses in attendance, he also killed a U.S. Marshall at the hospital. In fact, the only survivor that was staffed that night was paramedic Jimmy. Eventually, Michael was stopped when Sam Loomis caused an explosion in the hospital operating room, which engulfed both Loomis and Michael. Earlier that same night the bodies of Annie Brackett, Lynda Van Der Klok, Bob Simms, Ben Tramer, Alan Gateway's son, and Alice Martin were delivered by ambulance to the hospital where they were expected to be examined by a coroner, and on the same day in the daytime, Christopher Hastings, a person Michael kills in the first film, his corpse is seen, around his vehicle, the one Loomis came to, Christopher was brought here.

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