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Halloween: 25 Years of Terror
Halloween 25 Years of Terror.jpg
Directed by Stefan Hutchinson
Produced by Stefan Hutchinson,
Anthony Masi,
Bret McCartney,
Malek Akkad,
Paul Swearingen
Written by

Stefan Hutchinson,
Anthony Masi


Moustapha Akkad,
Brian Andrews,
Tom Atkins,
Clive Barker,
Ellie Cornell,
Kathleen Kinmont,
Danielle Harris

Editing by Charles Bornstein
Distributed by Starz / Anchor Bay
Release July 25, 2006
Running time 84 minutes
Country United States
Language English

This is a documentary about the Halloween franchise.


The first quarter century of the Halloween saga, from the 1978 original to 2002's Halloween: Resurrection, is thoroughly tracked in an 83-minute documentary on the subject. The impetus is a Halloween convention held in South Pasadena (site of the original filming), from which a considerable amount of footage is drawn.

Halloween: 25 Years of Terror collects interview footage of many of the original's creators, including director John Carpenter, co-writer/producer Debra Hill, and star Jamie Lee Curtis. The very good-humored co-star P. J. Soles contributes the narration (and figures in the extra goodies shot at the convention). The film marches through the years, providing some fairly interesting behind-the-scenes material: the alternate versions of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, and the controversy over differing Michael Myers masks in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later.

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