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Halloween: Autopsis
Halloween Autopsis.jpg
Cover date 2006
Publisher Paranormal pictures
Writers Stefan Hutchinson
Pencilers Marcus Smith
Inkers Marcus Smith
Cover artists Marcus Smith
Colorists Nick Dismas
Editors Karen Garcha
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The DVD release of the documentary, Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror included a new comic book entitled Halloween: Autopsis. The story takes place in 1993, and centers on a photojournalist named Patrick Carter who receives an assignment to follow Sam Loomis in an effort to determine the location of Michael Myers.

Plot Synopsis

A young Patrick Carter is at the local cinema, waiting for "Night of the Living Dead" movie to start up. Patrick's father works as a projectionist, so Patrick is alone in the theatre while his father is getting the movie ready. As soon the movie hits the title, the film stops and Patrick goes to find his father and figure out what happened. Once he enters the room, he finds that his father has died of a heart attack.

Years later, Patrick is now a young man who works as a photojournalist. Due to his father's death, Patrick had changed, he was empty inside and to hide this, he faked his personality. he was also now obsessed with taking a photo that he felt would portray reality. While at a bar, he meets a young woman named Victoria and they dated for two years. While his relationship was going great, the same couldn't be said for his career. Work was slow and Patrick would sometimes drive to nowhere and just tell Victoria that he was on a shoot. His desire for the perfect photo eventually lands in his life with an editor comes to Patrick and offers him a job to track down Michael Myers. Patrick doesn't believe the editor's claim that Myers is still alive but his assures Patrick that he knows that while Patrick is a great photographer, he hasn't had a job in awhile. The editor decides to get to the point of the conversation and gives Patrick a folder which contains a photo of Annie Brackett's corpse. Patrick says out loud how sick and disturbing the photo is, but inside his mind, he feels the photo is exactly what he wants to capture.



Arc Significance and Continuity

  • Leigh Brackett says that hopes Michael would one day murder someone that Sam Loomis cared about, just so that Loomis would know the pain of losing someone close to him. This would finally happen on February 2, 1995 with Elizabeth Worthington. Loomis would die moments later.