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This article is about the comic book. For other meanings, see Halloween II.

Halloween II: The Blackest Eyes
Cover date Apr 2001
Publisher Chaos! Comics
Writers Phil Nutman with Mickey Yablans
Pencilers Jerry Beck
Inkers Chance Wolf & Sandu Florea
Colorists Jason Jenson with John Merrifield
Letterers by Oscar Gongora
Editors Mike Francis
Publication Order
Preceded by
Halloween #1
Followed by
Halloween III: The Devil's Eyes


Halloween II: The Blackest Eyes picks up immediately after the first issue. Tommy sets out to hunt down and kill Michael Myers. In the meantime, Richie Castle, a failed real estate agent, visits the Myers house intending to burn it down. Richie had first encountered Michael 21 years before, while bullying Tommy in a scene from the first Halloween film.