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This article is about the novelization of the third film. For other meanings, see Halloween III.

Halloween III (novelization)
Halloween III Novel
Author Jack Martin (pseudonym used by author Dennis Etchison)
Publication date October 1, 1984
Published by Jove
ISBN 0515079782
Publication Order
Preceded by
Halloween II
Followed by
Halloween IV

Halloween III is a 1982 novelization by Jack Martin (a pseudonym that was used by author Dennis Etchison) of Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982). It was published by Jove and its edition language was English. However, this novel is no longer in print.

This novel's summary is:

The streets are quiet. Dead quiet as the shadows lengthen and night falls. It's Halloween. Blood-chilling screams pierce the air. Grinning skulls and grotesque shapes lurk in the gathering darkness. It's Halloween. The streets are filling with small cloaked figures. They're just kids, right? The doorbell rings and your flesh creeps. But it's all fun, isn't it? No. This Halloween is different. It's the last one.

A difference between the novel and film is that, unlike the movie, the novel only tells the film's event from protagonist Daniel Challis's point of view.