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This article is about the novelization of the second film. For other meanings, see Halloween II.

Halloween II (novelization)
Halloween II Novel.jpg
Author Jack Martin (a pseudonym that was used by author Dennis Etchison)
Publication date November 1, 1981
Published by Zebra
ISBN 089083864X
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Halloween III

Halloween II is a novelization by Jack Martin, which was a pseudonym used by horror fiction author Dennis Etchison. This novel was published by Zebra on November 1, 1981, based on the 1981 film Halloween II. It contains a total of 256 pages and was printed in English.


It is Halloween night in Haddonfield, Illinois. Six gunshots pierce the silence of this normally quiet town. Neighborhood kids trick-or-treating on the street stare as a man plunges off a balcony. A doctor from the county mental hospital rushes from the house. He has followed his patient, who escaped from the institution, back to Haddonfield, where fifteen years earlier he brutally murdered his own sister. The demented young man has already killed three teenagers this evening. Tonight's massacre has only begun!