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This article is about the novelization of the fourth film. For other meanings, see Halloween 4.

Halloween IV (novelization)
Halloween 4 Novel.jpg
Author Nicholas Grabowsky
Publication date October 1988

September 25, 2003

Published by Lorevan Publishing

BookSurge Publishing

ISBN 0515079782


Publication Order
Preceded by
Halloween III
Followed by
Halloween (2018)

Halloween IV is a 1988 novelization by Nicholas Grabowsky of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988). The novel was published on October 1, 1988 by Guild Press and its first edition language was English. It contained a total of 224 pages. In 2003, it was re-released with additional, expanded content by the same author as Halloween IV: The Special Limited Edition.

Publisher's summary

"It's the return of Michael Myers in the definitive Halloween novelization! By special arrangement with Trancas International Films, fantasy/horror author Nicholas Grabowsky presents a special, limited edition of his novel, the way it was meant to be. Complete with additional and expanded chapters, it adds an exciting dimension to the Michael Myers legacy!"